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More Homes Real Estate office lead by Pedro Castro; a Businessman with over 25 years of experience in all areas of the Real Estate Industry. Having successfuly closed the sale of over 1270 properties, and who in multiple occassions has been ranked the number one agent in the world within the Century 21 Organization, and being consistently a leader in the Real Estate Industry in New York and New Jersey.


More Homes Realty faces several significant challenges in its online presence and visual identity, impacting its ability to effectively reach its audience and maintain a coherent brand image.

Lack of Social Media Strategy and Limited Online Presence:
More Homes Realty has not capitalized on the potential of social media to connect with its audience and promote its services. The absence of a presence on digital platforms has resulted in a limited follower base, hindering the expansion of its online reach and visibility. Additionally, the lack of previous data makes it challenging to assess potential outcomes and devise effective strategies for growth on social media.

Outdated and Complex Visual Identity:
The brand lacks an updated and cohesive visual identity that resonates with its target market. The lack of refreshment in its corporate image has led to an outdated and disconnected perception of the brand in the digital landscape. Moreover, the complexity of its visual identity hinders its application across various digital channels, limiting its effectiveness in brand communication.

Absence of a Style Guide:
The absence of a formalized style guide further complicates the situation, making it difficult to create unified advertisements that instill confidence in potential clients. Without clear guidelines, maintaining consistency in brand representation across different contexts and platforms becomes challenging, potentially leading to a fragmented brand image.


To address the challenges posed by More Homes Realty, our marketing agency proposed a comprehensive solution that included specific strategies to enhance their social media presence and revitalize their visual identity. Below are the key measures of our proposal:

Development of Social Media Strategy:
We implemented a robust social media strategy that included creating relevant and engaging content, optimizing profiles on different platforms, and actively interacting with the audience. We used real-time data analysis to measure performance and adjust strategies as necessary, enabling More Homes Realty to reach and engage a broader audience.

Renovation of Visual Identity:
We worked closely with More Homes Realty to modernize their visual identity, developing a new logo and color palette that reflected their brand positioning and resonated with their target audience. We ensured that the new identity was versatile and easily adaptable to different digital channels, ensuring a consistent and professional online presence.

Creation of Style Guide:
We crafted a comprehensive style guide that established clear guidelines for the consistent use of More Homes Realty’s visual identity in various applications and contexts. This manual served as a fundamental reference to ensure the consistency and integrity of the brand in all visual communications, both online and offline.

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